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The Doro 8050 is a smartphone seniors can rely on to make staying in touch with friends and family easy with a beautiful Scandinavian style and design. It comes with the key DNA attributes of a Doro: fantastic loud and clear sound with HAC, Response by Doro if help is needed quickly, an excellent 5.45 display with high contrast colours, a dedicated home button for easy navigation and an outstanding battery life. Users can access the Play Store and use the Google Assistant to verbally ask their phone to do tasks and easily fits into any pocket.

Technology can be overwhelming, so from when you first turn on the Doro 8050, you will be steered through the set up. From swiping, scrolling and pinching screens to setting the font size, adding Wi-Fi, turning on data and signing into your email.

Program the Response by Doro app to ensure you get help in the event of an accident. When you push the assistance button your circle of care will be notified with an alarm and location at the same time allowing one of them to help you out.

The 8050 has been durably designed to withstand a few bumps and knocks, thanks to the built-in screen protection, because accidents happen. A raised bevel edge surrounds the edge of the screen, protecting it from hitting the floor with full impact.

Our intuitive interface based on actions, called EVA takes feature phone simplicity even further. EVA simply gives you clear choices and organises commonly used functions under action-based icons such as Call, View and Send.

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