This type of connector is designed to be the successor to all previous (Type A and B), which will become obsolete when the new one is deployed on all types of mobile and desktop devices. The most striking feature of USB Type-C is that it is reversible, that is, it can connect with your device in any way. And it’s thinner than its predecessors, making it a perfect candidate for the things that lie ahead, because they’re thinner and lighter. One thing to consider is that USB 3.1 and Type C are not the same. The first concerns improving the transfer speed and energy management of the connection, while the second concerns the shape of the connector. But then the only advantage of USB Type-C is that it is reversible? The answer is no. Combined with a USB 3.1 standard, it does change the speed. And this new type of USB gives us a file transfer rate of 10Gbps in both directions. To make us a common idea, the USB 2.0 we usually use supports a maximum of 480 Mbps.

  • 2.0m Cable Length
  • Compatible with smartphones, tablets and laptops
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Additional information

Weight0.100 kg
Dimensions15 × 5 × 5 cm